The EcoStore

The EcoStore is a 10kW AC coupled smart battery inverter that can intelligently charge and discharge batteries to optimally manage electrical energy usage. The EcoStore’s main differentiators are:

  • It is particularly compact and light measuring only 310 x 310 x 213mm and weighing only 17kg.
  • It does not have fans, a major cause of poor reliability, made possible by it’s world leading efficiency of around 98%.
  • It is battery agnostic, working with a wide range of battery chemistries (eg. Lithium-Ion, Lead-acid) and manufacturers.
  • It is highly flexible with a sand boxed built in scripting language that allows “Power Users” to write programs to customise the behaviour of the product.
  • It is smart with some unique voltage control and peak load reduction algorithms.
  • It is very grid-friendly with full Volt/VAr (STATCOM) capability and a Total Harmonic distortion < 3%.
  • It is user friendly with set-up and configuration via any device running a web browser.

Low Harmonics: THD< 3%

Extended Temperature Testing

Independent EMC Testing


The 10kW single phase EcoStore battery inverter can be used in a number of applications such as:

  • Grid connected Large Residential Systems.  The EcoStore has a number of energy shifting functions to help consumers reduce their electricity bills, plus can provide full backup of an entire dwelling in the event of a grid power outage.  If solar is available, the EcoStore can charge the batteries using any excess energy to enable consumers to ride through longer grid failure events (eg. cyclones etc).
  • Grid connected Small Commercial Systems.  For commercial consumers on peak demand tariffs, the EcoStore can make additional savings by minimising the peak load drawn hence minimising electricity bills further.
  • Fringe of Grid Systems.  The EcoStore has two unique functions developed for fringe of grid applications:
    • It can directly regulate/improve the consumers voltage allowing rural consumers to experience power quality akin to urban areas.
    • It can perform electricity feeder peak load reduction without communications, reducing the stress on electricity utility assets without the added expense of complex monitoring and communication equipment.
  • Standalone/Off-grid Systems. The 10kW EcoStore battery inverter is ideally sized for many off-grid applications.  In developing countries the EcoStore can be used to supply a number of dwellings or a small community, and they may be parallelled for larger communities.


Direct Voltage Regulation

Our Software

Our software is designed with user friendliness in mind.  Set-up, commissioning, monitoring, software updates and custom programming are all done from any browser ready smart device (eg. laptop, tablet, smart phone) not some propriety hard to learn tool. Everything is done from the same familiar web browser interface. Parameters and settings are in plain English not obscure codes. Values and variables can be graphed in real time and a rich history can be downloaded.

Monitoring at a glance

Simple Parameter Setting

Intuitive Datalogging

User Scripting

Download EcoStore Product Information

A EcoStore Product brochure may be downloaded by clicking on this link  Download File