Our Products

We have developed two products based on a common hardware and software technology platform:

  1. The 10kW EcoStore battery inverter
  2. The 10kVAr EcoVAR STatic COMpensator (STATCOM)

These products have flexibility and reliability in their DNA.

Out the box they allow advanced users to write scripts to customise the behaviour of the products without fear of breaking the fundamental control and protection software. This introduces unparalleled flexibility, allowing users to add custom applications to make the units to perform exactly as they wish.

They also have been designed with natural convection cooling made possible by cutting edge high efficiency power electronics design.  This means they don’t have fans, one of the biggest reliability concerns for power electronics products, especially those installed in harsh environments.

Our Software

Our software is designed with user friendliness in mind.  Set-up, commissioning, monitoring, software updates and custom programming are all done from any browser ready smart device (eg. laptop, tablet, smart phone) not some propriety hard to learn tool.

Everything is done from the same familiar web browser interface. Parameters and settings are in plain English not obscure codes. Values and variables can be graphed in real time and a rich history can be downloaded.

Monitoring at a glance

Simple Parameter Setting

Intuitive Datalogging

User Scripting